Questions and answers about Kronaktiv

What is Kronaktiv?

From Monday to Friday the Outdoorcenter Kronplatz offers a varied program with hikes, bike tours and children's entertainment.

What does the participation in the Kron Aktiv program cost?

For all in possession of the Bruneck Kronplatz Card participation in the Kron Aktiv program varies from free activities to 30,00€/participant. For those without card will be calculated a surcharge.

Kids not older then 12 can participate at the activities for free.

There are then possible additional costs, for example, for the rental of bicycles or equipment. If you participate in the children's program, you will also have to pay a contribution for lunch.


Where can I register?

You can register yourself online via our website (or  for desired activities. If necessary, your hosts or our team at the Outdoor Center will also be happy to help you.

Where do I get the Brunico Kronplatz Card?

You can get the Brunico Kronplatz Card free of charge from your host, as long as he or she is a member of the local tourist association.

How can I register for the activities?

You can register yourself online for desired activities via our website If necessary, your hosts or our team at the Outdoor Center will also be happy to help you.

Until when can I register for the activities?

You can register for the desired activity until 20:00 the day before (via ferrata until 17:00).

Will the tours be held in case of bad weather?

Depending on the weather forecast, it may not be possible to conduct a tour. In this case we offer a possibly shortened alternative program and postpone the scheduled hike if necessary. We will contact you in case of a change in the program.

Are the offered activities difficult or doable also for untrained people?

Our activities are divided into different levels of difficulty:

  • EASY: up to 300 hm
  • MEDIUM: 300 - 600 hm
  • HARD: from 600 hm

The EASY tours are also suitable for inexperienced hikers/cyclists, for the MEDIUM tours you should already have some physical condition. If you are unsure, we would recommend that you first take an easier tour; our hiking or biking guide can then accurately assess whether you can also manage medium or difficult tours.

Are the tours also feasible with children and can I bring the stroller?

Our tours are divided into different tours depending on the difficulty. Easy tours can also be done by children who have some hiking experience or a desire to walk. For medium-difficulty tours, children should have already been on a few longer tours and want to join one.

In any case, you should check with our office to see if an easy hike is doable with a stroller. In most cases, however, it is rather impractical. However, you are welcome to borrow a baby carrier from us.

What do I need to bring to the activities?


  • Drink
  • Snack (e.g. banana)
  • rain protection



  • Drink
  • Snack
  • rain protection
  • good shoes
  • walking sticks

Can I bring my dog on the hike?

No. Since we are hiking in a group and some other participants may be afraid of dogs, or may also want to bring dogs, we do not allow dogs - to avoid disputes.

Where can I rent a bike?

The Kronplatz Outdoor Center also has a bike rental with mountain bikes for children and adults and downhill bikes. You are welcome to rent a suitable bike with equipment here.

We recommend that you reserve the bike in advance! Click here for our bike rental.

Is experience required for downhill technique training?

No downhill experience is required. However, you should be a very confident and skilled mountain biker.

Is experience required for the Freeride Tour?

To participate in the Freeride Tour you should be a safe and experienced mountain biker.

Is climbing experience required for the via ferrata?

For certain tours, yes. However, the mountain guide will certainly contact you before the tour and adjust the tour to your experience.

Where can I get the climbing equipment?

The climbing equipment can be rented directly from us.